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A safari in Africa, in particular South Africa, for a lot of us is a dream come true and an adventure that may only come along once in a lifetime. With an incredibly diverse range of animals its hard to look past South Africa as the first country you research.

South Africa has long been referred to as a premier destination for both the first time safari hunter and the seasoned safari veteran looking to secure some of the specific species that occur all over the country. Whilst there are several reasons why you should have South Africa on the top of your list, below are just 3 of the most compelling:


Hunting in South Africa would have to be one of the most affordable ways to experience a safari in Africa and it’s possibly the most value for money hunting destination in the world.

Now days the most common duration of a safari is 7 to 10 days. Most of us can't afford to leave family and work for longer than that so South Africa really does come in to its own in this regard. Depending which province you are hunting in, Australians traveling to South Africa will most likely be hunting on the day that they arrive.

Most outfitters will offer relatively inexpensive package hunts for half a dozen good sized trophies for around the same price as an Asiatic buffalo hunt in the territory or a tahr & chamois hunt in New Zealand. You could even add a few extra days and hunt a Cape buffalo for around the same price as a moose hunt in Alaska.


Although some species are regionally specific, the country boasts an incredible diversity of game animals to hunt which include the dangerous 7, small predators and more plains game species than can be mentioned here. This vast range of animals is unrivalled by any country in the entire continent of Africa. You can attribute this to the monumental efforts of game farmers throughout the country. They have been responsible for bringing many species back from the brink of extinction. Animals like the black wildebeest, blesbok and bontebok are now in very good, sustainable numbers for hunting.


The safari industry in South Africa is extremely large and highly organized which makes it very hunter friendly. There are outfitters in almost every part of the country which gives you access to a huge amount of game animals and biomes. There are very reputable taxidermists available in South Africa and more often than not your animals will find their way to you from South Africa compared to other countries.

Although most hunting is conducted on high fenced properties, there is still some free range hunting available though it is very limited and self-guided hunts are outlawed in most Provinces. Bushveld Hunting Adventures has access to both free range and high fence hunting. Many hunters seem to be put off by high fence hunting, that's a personal preference, but to give a little bit of perspective, the property Renosterpan which you have access to through Bushveld Hunting Adventures is bigger than most national parks or safari areas in Zimbabwe or Mozambique alone.

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