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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Namibia is one of the most popular destinations for hunters traveling to Africa to experience safari. For many of us an expedition to Africa is a dream come true, a dream that grows with every year. It is often an adventure that may only come along once in a lifetime, choosing the perfect destination is critical.

Namibia has a large diversity of game that rivals South Africa and hunting, for the most part, will be conducted on free range private land holdings. These 100% free range areas are the reason Namibia is fast becoming a premier destination for both the first time safari hunter and the seasoned safari veteran looking to secure some of the regionally specific species that occur there. Whilst there are several reasons why you should have Namibia on the top of your destination list, below are just 3 of the most compelling:

Free Range.

There is a lot of debate around hunting behind wire and experiencing the ‘right’ safari. If hunting on a property with a game fence immediately turns you away, well Namibia is the destination for you. As mentioned, most safaris will be conducted on free range properties and the vast majority of these properties are larger in size than the properties in South Africa. With free range hunting, animals will come and go from the property which makes offering hunters packages a little difficult. However most outfitters will work off the very easy system of day rates plus animal fees for animals taken. Be aware that some animals in Namibia are hunted on game fenced properties so before you book your safari make sure to check that the animals you are after occur on the free range land holdings.


There are opportunities in Namibia to hunt differently. These different experiences are what can take a safari from great to something really special. For the adventurous souls why not experience Namibia from horseback. The horses are used to get into the rugged sections of land where vehicles struggle to get to. It’s a peaceful way to get from one point to another and the well trained horses are a pleasure to ride.


Namibia is the most arid country in southern Africa and this lends itself to some extremely scenic landscapes. It is a mountainous country with breathtaking views from atop. The Khomas Hochland region has elevations above 6000ft and is more akin to sheep hunting than plains game. It smashes the mold of a typical African safari, I certainly didn’t know there was an Africa like the one experienced there.

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